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Stockton, California-based artist CALYN is a 17 year old singer-songwriter whose signature style revolves around Alternative R&B, brimming with creative melodies and relatable lyrics. She lists the American R&B singer SZA as one of her main influences. 

Considered by many a prodigy of sorts, CALYN’s limitless passion for her craft fuels her desire to restlessly evolve, innovate, imagine and shape tomorrow’s urban culture.  

Growing up, she was a typical public school kid, like most her age. Her parents' love for music and traveling inspired a sense of both musical and geographical wanderlust in CALYN. However, it was her sister, DYLI, an acclaimed recording artist and musician, who truly nurtured her love for writing, singing and performing.

After originally traveling back and forth to Los Angeles to record background vocals for her sister's music, the pair have now become a musical powerhouse, each time displaying an unstoppable synergy in the studio.

A therapeutic channel in which to express herself, music is CALYN’s calling with the act of singing simply filling her with joy. 

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