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CALYN, an Alternative R&B artist based in Stockton, California, is renowned for her inventive melodies and resonant lyrics. Influenced by notable American R&B singer SZA, she is viewed by many as a prodigy. Her boundless enthusiasm and dedication to her craft drive her continuous evolution, pushing boundaries in urban

culture with her innovative and imaginative approach. Her parents instilled in her a love for music and travel early on. CALYN's musical journey began under the guidance of her sister, DYLI, a celebrated recording artist. The young artist's initial experiences of recording background vocals in Los Angeles fueled her passion, and together, they've evolved into a dynamic musical duo, showcasing extraordinary synergy each time they collaborate in the studio. Music serves as a cathartic outlet for CALYN, where singing brings her immense joy. Following her initial singles "born tired" and "kinda love," inspired by the iconic Etta James' "Sunday Kind of Love," she unveiled her honeyed vocals in "Falling" and "Tricky." Her single, "Waiting," channels the emotions experienced during the decline and subsequent aftermath of a relationship, portraying the struggle with indecision and regret. CALYN's latest single "Faded" takes listeners through a 

melodic rollercoaster of "back and forth" after a failed relationship.

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