At only 15 years of age, CALYN has quickly become nothing short of a musical inspiration to many. A prodigy of sorts, she is constantly evolving her craft and consistently adding to her mesmerizing  catalogue of music. 


Hailing from Stockton, California, she was a typical public school kid, like most her age. Her parents' love for music and traveling inspired a sense of both musical and geographical wanderlust in CALYN, both of which she has spent most of her life to date pursuing. However, it was her sister, DYLI, who is also a recording artist + musician, who truly nurtured her love for writing, singing and performing.


Heavily influenced and inspired by the music of SZA, CALYN's signature sound now leans towards the genre of Alternative R&B, brimming with creative melodies and relatable lyrics. Music acts as an extremely therapeutic channel in which to express herself, with the act of singing simply filling her with joy. 


After originally traveling back and forth to Los Angeles to record background vocals for her sister's music, the pair have now become a musical powerhouse when they combine their talents. Although they occasionally butt heads as sisters, their synergy is unstoppable in the studio.


Look for CALYN's newest release, kinda love., dropping in June. The idealistic love song is inspired by Etta James’ “Sunday Kind of Love” and CALYN gives the Blues Artist a nod by quoting her in the opening line.  Creatively dreamy lyrics tell the story of a desirous infatuation and CALYN’s warm caramelized vocals are the perfect complement to the up beat R+B track.